Book Club – Can you keep a Secret?

Book Club – Can you keep a Secret?

Kerry hosted the book ‘Can You Keep a Secret’ by Sophie Kinsella. I am forever hooked reading anything and everything by Sophie Kinsella. (I’ve since read the Undomestic Goddess and Confessions of a Shopaholic). Her sense of humor is fabulous. And after having been to London and the UK last year, these books now paint a much clearer picture for me.

Book Club - Can you keep a Secret? Check out the review for this totally chick flick book.

Listening to them on Audible is like half reading/half movie. It’s unabridged, meaning every word is read, but you get the way cool dialect of an English accent…which brings the characters to life.

Everyone loved this book! It was an easy read. Funny. Simple. Uncomplicated. I think something we all needed in our real complicated lives. It’s what I would call a chick-flick book. Not necessarily a read for the men-folk. But fabulous for us women out there!

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