Balance of Life

Balance of Life

Hi folks! As summer is getting hotter, I’m in the process of changing how a few things work in our office in order to try and balance life and work to cool things down. Currently, I’m swamped at my day job, and trying to keep up with writing is quite difficult. I realized that I can never balance my schedule, because I’m always working. So the “balance of life” is an important aspect of a healthy home, and a happy life.The balance of life can be difficult when you've become a workaholic. A job is replaceable, but time with family and friends are not. It's not too late!I just LOVE what I do, so it’s super easy for me to work 100% of the time. My family and friends often wonder if the computer has sucked me into its own dimension. The first step is admission right?

I’ll admit I’m a workaholic. I currently run my own IT company, write, coach, and still book a few sessions a year for family photos, and small weddings. For many of you who still follow The Memory Journalists photography blog, know that before I’ve posted sneak peaks of wedding and e-sessions almost the very next day after the shoot. But, this is due in part to the fact that I’m an instant gratification girl – and totally understand what it’s like to want something from yesterday! But I digress. Please bear with me as I attempt to have a family life while I work. 🙂

Part of this new process, however, has an up-side – I’ve hired a couple more people in my IT company, and this will take a tremendous amount of work load off of me. And, as writing goes, I’ll have more relaxing evenings at home to reflect, and create new content for living5x5. I’m planning to focus more on coaching, which you can learn more about my coaching programs here.

As much as I try to balance life, it will never be possible without the support from my team. Keeping them happy, and not over-working them as well, also makes me happy. Of course, I love what I do, and making decisions to change a few things around at work may just be a crucial step to a healthy home, and a happy life. I think a job is always replaceable, but the time with family and friends are not.

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